Click2Pay is a well known payment solution in which users transfer money into online casinos. Referred to as a webwallet by the casinos it makes it easier to fund player accounts. Which could be important if users find it difficult getting credit cards to work. The function of this is signing up with click2pay and transferring fund by way of EFT or credit cards. The reason it works better than just depositing in the casino is that some banks reject gambling codes with click2pay you avoid that. Banks which have the highest security on this code is ones which originate from the US even if your card is in another country, if the parent company is the in US they block the transaction. Of course there is other ways to fund but this one is trusted and secure where players have used it for many years.

It use to be that the casinos gave bonuses for using the webwallets like click2pay but recent years that isn’t always the case. However, they do give a lot money away on purchases so I guess they feel no need to do it for a particular funding method. There might be a slight delay in setting up this wallet, so you may not be able to play the casino for a few days but once it is done thing will be much easier. You will normally have instant access to funds so that you can play whenever you feel like it. Of course they will set some initial low limits but those do increase after the trust has been established and you have proven self to be a good risk.

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