Why opt for click2pay casinos

Why should you opt in for click2pay casinos? You know how vulnerable your credit card information is? Would you allow unknown online gambling sites to have that information? Seeing people getting paranoid and refusing to reveal their credit card option, the click2pay option was formed. Casinos supporting this system are known as click2pay casinos and are preferred by both newcomers and professionals.

Ask any old timer and they will tell you that there are many ways of making payment to the online casinos. Click2pay casinos are these online casinos that support the click2pay payment system. To use this system one has to first sign up with click2pay. After this they can remit money to casinos that are commonly known as click2pay casinos

Earn $25 with click2pay

Yes, you read it right. Of all other payment gateways, click2pay is the only one that provides you with a bonus of $25 when you transfer money to the online casinos. For players who stake a small amount of money for playing, this amount provided by click2pay is huge.


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Most professional players also prefer to use click2pay. They know that sending money through credit cards puts additional expenses on their heads by ways of commissions and interest charges. They prefer playing it safe and sweet. That is why they invariably opt in for click2pay to remit money to casinos.

Credit Cards

Click2pay casinos for those who do not have credit cards

If you do not have a credit card, do not worry. The click2pay casinos have found out alternative payment means for you. The webmasters of such online portals know that not everyone has access to credit cards and hence they have introduced the click2pay payment system. Online portals that support this means of payment are known as click2pay casinos.

The click2pay casinos are a great boon to people who want to wager in the online gambling portals but do not have access to a credit card. It might be that they do not want to spoil their credit card’s ratings. For them there are the alternative payment options and click2pay casinos allow them to pay via the click2pay means.

Understanding click2pay casinos


Click2pay casinos are those which accept payments through the click2pay service. It is an online service which enables the user to make payments to the online casinos. Online casinos, as the reader might know are computerized casinos which function similarly to their real world counterparts. Click2pay casinos specialize in ease of transactions and are hence preferred.

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Here is a brief explanation about the functioning of click2pay. The user has to initially create an account in the click2pay site. He can add or withdraw funds into this account either by using a credit card or bank transfer facility. Click2pay online casinos accept payment from this account created. The transaction is safe and almost instantaneous. After the transaction is complete, it is reflected on the click2pay enabled casino and the user can start trying his luck. Click2pay casinos have become the ultimate destination for those who want discretion and privacy.